Onora Casa

Fondo Mixto de Promocion Turística brought me to Mexico City to share some of my favorite places in this booming city full of artists and craftspeople. I stopped by Onora Casa, a high-end home goods store in the Polanco district that takes traditional methodology and style and updates them for the modern era.


When designing a home, colour is one of the most powerful tools to add life to a space, says Genevieve Gorder, one of television’s best known interior designers.

“Painting is one of the simplest ways to incorporate colour into a home, but people often feel intimated by it until they have some guidance. This must be why so much of our country is beige and off white,” she laughs.

Take a look at this snapshot of answers to the most frequently asked colour questions, compliments of Genevieve Gorder.


By profession, Genevieve Gorder creates, transforms, finishes, discovers, and conceptualizes spaces with her inspiring talent for seeing what truly makes a home feel like, well, home. She’s done it for the world to see on countless shows and in a slew of challenging decor circumstances—does Trading Spaces‘ $1,000 budget ring a bell? But despite her impressive résumé, there was one task she wasn’t quite seasoned in.


We’re halfway through the month of May and Gen was busy, busy, busy. Here’s some of what she did this week.

1. Sunday was Mother’s Day, so Gen went off to Minneapolis to see friends and family – check this picture of three generations of family women (with a fourth behind the camera).

2. A new episode of Designish hit the Internet, this one devoted to making the best of a tiny bathroom. Watch it here.

3. The week was full of meetings for Gen’s new home accessories line, Genevieve Gorder Home. Here’s a candid shot of some of the creative minds helping her out. Coming 2015/2016.

4. Finally, here’s a new video for Ulive, all about creating a relaxing place in your house. Watch it here.


Another big week for Gen – here’s what she was up to, in case you missed it.

1. She started off in Cleveland, where she met with her friends at the Cleveland Flea, currently Kickstarting a permanent location for their event.

2. While she was there, we got treated to a new episode of Design(ish), this one covering one of her absolute favorite topics: Scandinavian style. Watch it here.

3. And, because more is always better, a second new Gen Gorder show premiered this week – Our House, with Mode. Watch the first episode – a tour of the first floor of Gen’s Chelsea duplex – here.

4. With Spring sprung, Gen’s been out and running, and she posted a new playlist for her #ggrunnies crew here.

5. And now Gen’s off again, this time to Los Angeles and Chicago. Expect more pictures and goodness from her next week.


1. Another amazing week – I woke up in Detroit and spent the weekend exploring and meeting some amazing people. Here are my photos from the trip.

2. While I was there I bought this sweet lunch bag from Detroit Denim.

3. Need color help? Come over to Pinterest and post your questions on my new Color Solutions board.

4. A new episode of Designish on rental renovation – thanks for your great feedback on it!

5. Now I’m off to Cleveland, which makes this a good time to plug the Cleveland Flea’s Kickstarter.


1. The week started with the amazing Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain in Philadelphia. I loved spending the weekend with Paul, his coterie of crafters, and the folks who came to learn and laugh with us…

2. The sun’s out in New York City and that means it’s time to run! Check my #ggrunnies hashtag on Instagram for more and run with me!

3. Another happy side effect of spring… the flowers in my window boxes are blooming.

4. All play and no work makes Gen a dull girl… I got down and dirty with some under the sink work on a project yesterday.

5. Now I’m in a plane again, this time off to Detroit. Why? I’ll tell you when the papers are all signed, but it’s very cool news…


It’s Friday! If you missed it, here’s what I’ve been doing all week.

1. Sunday was Easter! We went all out, twenty courses for twenty people including these red beet deviled eggs…

2. A new show is always cause for celebration, and Monday saw the first episode of DesignIsh premiere on the Design Network.

3. On Wednesday I tried my new coil pot coffee mug…this weekend I’ll be crafting away at . Will you be there?

4. Last night I cooked homemade pad thai… so good! Who wants the recipe.

5. And now I’m in Philadelphia for the Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain…

If you haven’t entered to win a gift bag, there’s still time!


I’m so excited that my Scandi brother from another mother Sweet Paul has asked me to come to his Sweet Paul Makerie event this weekend in Philadelphia.

Hosted at the Urban Corporate Campus – headquarters of Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters and BHLDN – it’s two days of workshops, talks and great meals.

Joining me and Paul are geniuses like Lotta Jansdotter and Matthew Robbins leading sessions on printmaking, table decoration and more.

Unfortunately, before I got to the computer to tell you about it, the Makerie sold out!

Don’t cry, though… I’ll be sharing pictures, video and memories all weekend. And I do have something for you.

One lucky reader can win the gift bag full of great stuff from teachers and sponsors given out to attendees. Just click here to share this post on Twitter or use the little share bar down there to share on Twitter or Facebook (make sure to add the hashtag #sweetpaulmakerieatterrain) and we’ll pick somebody at random on Monday and send it off to them!

Learn more about the Sweet Paul Makerie here.


by Dana Covello of Twisted Trunk Yoga

As nature moves closer to the darkest, coldest days of the year, blankets of snow and wind beckon you to stay inside and put on your warm socks like a hibernating animal. Everything invites you to turn inside to the quiet, except… it’s DECEMBER – potentially the biggest, loudest, most frenetic social time of the year. In order to show up, stay sane, and get it all done – the flight attendants are correct – you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

While it can be particularly challenging to maintain routines and keep your health a priority this time of year, here are a few simple tips for managing the holiday season.

Start your day with a glass of warm water (before coffee!). Water is a potent purifier – it will help you process any debauchery from the night before and kick-start your internal systems for the new day. Consider drinking warm water throughout the day or at the very least hold the ice. Warm water helps with digestion and will help keep things more ‘regular’ (wink wink).

Move your body. In addition to sleeping less and eating and drinking more, exercise might fall lower on your list of priorities this time of year. Rather than thinking of exercise as a separate activity that you do at the gym, think of all the ways you can add in movement throughout your day. First thing in the morning, stretch your arms overhead. Take the stairs. Walk when you can instead of driving. Squat while you wait at the post office to mail your packages. You get the picture.

Learn to sit quietly – even for a few moments a day. Meditation need not be a mystical, impossible, that’s-for-other-people aspiration, but a simple exercise in finding quiet. One technique is to count your breaths. Start by setting a timer for a manageable amount time, even a minute or two. Find a comfortable upright seat – using a chair is fine – and as you inhale say to yourself ‘one.’ On the exhale, say the phrase ‘and.’ Slowly count up to ten and then begin again. If you lose the thread of counting and find yourself working through your to-do list, start back at one again on your next breath. Connecting with your breath is a great way to begin and end the day.

Give yourself a break. Whether that means turning down some of your social engagements or using premade cookie mix, take my aunt’s advice, ‘Sometimes okay is good enough.’ Remind yourself that no one makes resolutions in December. Enjoy what the season has to offer (cookies!).

Remember what’s most important. Your time is the perfect gift. It doesn’t need a fancy wrapping, and you don’t have to worry about the price. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, listen to your friends’ stories, remember to hug your relatives, and use this time to gather in close those that you love.



For over 15 years, Dana has turned to her yoga practice in times of joy, despair, boredom, wonder, and hope. She began teaching in 2004 hoping to help others understand, appreciate, and experience their bodies in any physical condition and any emotional state. Dana spent over a decade practicing and teaching Anusara® yoga and its emphasis on the connection between body, mind, and heart continues to influence her current perspective. Her own experience with injury and healing has inspired her deep and endless exploration of anatomy. Her classes offer a refined balance of focus and space.
She is one of the founders and owners of Twisted Trunk Yoga in Soho, New York. As a life-long student, she draws upon the wisdom generously offered by the many teachers she has learned from especially John Friend, Douglas Brooks, Gil Hedley, Amy Matthews, and Brenda Villa.
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We are the elves, the fairies, and the culture that quietly creates loud and powerful design.

We are a culture that America, outside of my home state of Minnesota, doesn’t really seem to know a lot about.

And we are trending for the first time in 1200 years…

Scandinavians haven’t been this popular since the Vikings were raging. From Frozen
to Aska, interiors to Little Dragon, and even History Channel’s Vikings (Ragnar – so damn hot. Ladies: DVR that shit), it’s time for the ‘quiet culture’ to finally speak up again.

But who is this Oz?

Being a Norwegian American (well, half), I thought it was partly my duty to introduce you to our culture and the beautiful that Scandinavia makes, but doesn’t always talk about. And what time is more appropriate to do so than in winter? Let’s celebrate the cold, snowy months ahead instead of hiding from them. Let’s see the beauty of less (but done really well), allow nature to be the inspiration for everything, and embrace the sexiness of hush, butter cookies, and incredibly tall people with muscles and killer cheekbones.

With the holiday Real Genevieve series, my team and I – with the help of my dear friend and King of Scandi, Sweet Paul – will satiate all of your senses with lovely and inspired ways to approach the often-predictable snore of holiday. Keep an eye out for fresh content about: gift guides (like hostess gifts you’ll want to snag for yourself), travel (our favorite winter cities in the States and beyond), food (a taste of my homeland and a Gorder holiday tradition), music (a killer party playlist you’ll be jamming to all season long), design (easy-to-create tablescapes for you and your littles), and much more. My hope is that we can tickle you to play beyond the boundary of the traditions you love and invite some Scandinavian to your holiday this season.