We are the elves, the fairies, and the culture that quietly creates loud and powerful design.

We are a culture that America, outside of my home state of Minnesota, doesn’t really seem to know a lot about.

And we are trending for the first time in 1200 years…

Scandinavians haven’t been this popular since the Vikings were raging. From Frozen
to Aska, interiors to Little Dragon, and even History Channel’s Vikings (Ragnar – so damn hot. Ladies: DVR that shit), it’s time for the ‘quiet culture’ to finally speak up again.

But who is this Oz?

Being a Norwegian American (well, half), I thought it was partly my duty to introduce you to our culture and the beautiful that Scandinavia makes, but doesn’t always talk about. And what time is more appropriate to do so than in winter? Let’s celebrate the cold, snowy months ahead instead of hiding from them. Let’s see the beauty of less (but done really well), allow nature to be the inspiration for everything, and embrace the sexiness of hush, butter cookies, and incredibly tall people with muscles and killer cheekbones.

With the holiday Real Genevieve series, my team and I – with the help of my dear friend and King of Scandi, Sweet Paul – will satiate all of your senses with lovely and inspired ways to approach the often-predictable snore of holiday. Keep an eye out for fresh content about: gift guides (like hostess gifts you’ll want to snag for yourself), travel (our favorite winter cities in the States and beyond), food (a taste of my homeland and a Gorder holiday tradition), music (a killer party playlist you’ll be jamming to all season long), design (easy-to-create tablescapes for you and your littles), and much more. My hope is that we can tickle you to play beyond the boundary of the traditions you love and invite some Scandinavian to your holiday this season.