Another big week for Gen – here’s what she was up to, in case you missed it.

1. She started off in Cleveland, where she met with her friends at the Cleveland Flea, currently Kickstarting a permanent location for their event.


2. While she was there, we got treated to a new episode of Design(ish), this one covering one of her absolute favorite topics: Scandinavian style. Watch it here.


3. And, because more is always better, a second new Gen Gorder show premiered this week – Our House, with Mode. Watch the first episode – a tour of the first floor of Gen’s Chelsea duplex – here.


4. With Spring sprung, Gen’s been out and running, and she posted a new playlist for her #ggrunnies crew here.


5. And now Gen’s off again, this time to Los Angeles and Chicago. Expect more pictures and goodness from her next week.