Garth Trinidad’s Viking Honey Wine Playlist

A Scandinavian-inspired holiday playlist to take you through the New Year.

Name: Garth Trinidad
Occupation: Music Editor at LA Canvas
Follow: @garthtrinidad on Twitter and Instagram
Listen: Trinidad-Senolia “Postcards From Strangers EP” Yoruba Records (2013), available on iTunes; Live and streaming most weeknights at 89.9 FM KCRW Los Angeles &

In His Words:
I’m a music-obsessed punk b-boy skate kid with a Scandinavian name born in NY and bred in 1980s LA. While on a path to achieve great things in the world of visual art in the 90s as a student at Art Center and graduate of Otis College, I had a lusty affair with radio that has yet to end thanks to top-ranking NPR station KCRW. I jump-start the careers of artists such as Banks and Little Dragon, consult for the likes of Apple and Nike, curate special events, make lit-house music with my partner Mateo Senolia, interview people, write, and mentor. I’m also a hubby, poppa, and recent adopter of two sweet kitties, Caliope and Wadsworth.

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