A Scandinavian-inspired holiday playlist to take you through the New Year.

Name: Garth Trinidad
Occupation: Music Editor at LA Canvas
Follow: @garthtrinidad on Twitter and Instagram
Listen: Trinidad-Senolia “Postcards From Strangers EP” Yoruba Records (2013), available on iTunes; Live and streaming most weeknights at 89.9 FM KCRW Los Angeles & kcrw.com

In His Words:
I’m a music-obsessed punk b-boy skate kid with a Scandinavian name born in NY and bred in 1980s LA. While on a path to achieve great things in the world of visual art in the 90s as a student at Art Center and graduate of Otis College, I had a lusty affair with radio that has yet to end thanks to top-ranking NPR station KCRW. I jump-start the careers of artists such as Banks and Little Dragon, consult for the likes of Apple and Nike, curate special events, make lit-house music with my partner Mateo Senolia, interview people, write, and mentor. I’m also a hubby, poppa, and recent adopter of two sweet kitties, Caliope and Wadsworth.

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Garth Trinidad’s Viking Honey Wine Playlist
From Garth: “Keeping in mind Scandinavian soul, I chose a few groovy international selections for a warm, fuzzy holiday gathering of family and friends, chestnuts roasting, turkey and some mistletoe, the whole nine.”

Mr Little Jeans/ The Suburbs
Kings of Convenience/ The Girl From Back Then (Riton Remix)
Peter Bjorn & John/ Amsterdam
Royksopp/ Happy Up Here
Little Dragon/ Paris
The Juan MacLean/ Charlotte
Miike Snow/ Silvia
Rufus Du Sol/ Modest Life
Kele/ First Impressions
Todd Terje/ Inspector Norse
Bjorn Torske/ Loe Bar
Kelis/ Bless The Telephone (Trinidad-Senolia Deep Mix)
Electric Wire Hustle/ Loveless
Kindness/ With You (Feat Kelela)
Lauren Mvula/ She


Gen: Let’s talk about how we met…

Garth: You wanna tell the story or do you want me to? I mean you are one of my very first social media encounter friends. You tell it…

Gen: Believe I sent you a tweet with a link to the blurb about my five favorite ladies for Societe Perrier since you’re one of them. No expectations but fingers were crossed that you’d respond. When you tweeted back that you were a fan, I threw a party on the spot. Then we had tacos in LA and began plotting world domination.

You’re at the helm of an incredible collective at KCRW in Los Angeles, in my opinion, the last great radio station in our country. What do you feel like your responsibility to music truly is?

Photo credit: Kawai Matthews

Garth: More than music, I feel the responsibility is to my inner child who loves music. I don’t ever want that child to be disappointed with the adult. With that in mind, I seek out music that resonates with me on a personal level, but also makes sense for the ‘eclectic’ KCRW aesthetic. If I played everything I dig, I’d likely lose some folks. Death metal, hardcore free jazz, booty bass – no can do. What makes KCRW great where music is concerned is its trust in the DJs to play what we love while respecting and evolving the aesthetic.

Gen: Radio is one facet that you work in, but as a DJ you’re also a performer. So where are you going? What’s next? What’s the fantasy?

Garth: Yeah it’s an amazing time. Technology has zapped all notions of limitation and what some are doing with it is absolutely phenomenal. My partner Mateo Senolia is mentoring me in music production and I’m vested in a new approach to live DJ sets. The fantasy is to create interactive installations that combine design, tech, sound, and rhythm. It’s one of those achievable type fantasies.

Gen: You’ve been a father for many years. People always ask me how being a mother has changed the way I design, so how has being a father changed the way you hear?

Garth: I used to love rap music, back when it was recognized as hip hop. Back when it felt good. Now it mostly sucks. I listen to most music with my kids perspective and open hearts in mind. We have an ongoing dialog about music. As much as I try to protect them from x-rated music, it will get to them. I don’t play much rap anymore. The production is annoying and the lyrics are dumb, repetitive, and overtly degrading. The stuff I do play has substance, dope beats, and rhymes – Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, etc.

Gen: As this is a Scandinavian-focused series of Real Genevieve, how would you define the sound of the Scandinavian soul?

Garth: Rather than type an essay here, I’ll advise readers to check out these artists for a solid definition: Little Dragon, Miike Snow, Todd Terje, Lykke Li, Royksopp, Mr. Little Jeans, Kings of Convenience, Bjorn Torske, Lindstrom, Peter Bjorn & John, and Bjork.