By Dana Covello of Twisted Trunk Yoga

I live in a city with constant construction. You can’t walk more than a few blocks without seeing something under scaffolding, hearing the deafening sound of a jackhammer, and likely breathing in some sort of questionable dusty material.  And while all this commotion can be frustrating at times, it’s a great reminder that we, too, can keep building and creating.

Rather than using this year to just slap a fresh coat of paint on a cracking façade, the beginning of anything new – a year, a relationship, a project – is the perfect time to think about how to bolster your foundation.

This month, focus on connecting to that which supports you – your FEET! Your feet were designed to both support the weight of your body and move you through the world.  Even if ditching your heels isn’t realistic, here are a few suggestions to give those barking dogs some love (Note: I’m not a doctor, and this isn’t medical advice, just some suggestions for self-care):

  • Go barefoot – There are an incredible number of bones, joints, and nerve endings in your feet. When shoes aren’t a requirement – take them off. If it’s winter where you are, that might going barefoot only in your home for now, but when the weather gets warmer find a beach, a park, or your own backyard (anywhere safe and clean!). Let your feet experience a variety of surfaces and textures. If you are used to wearing shoes 24/7 you will need to do this very gradually at first.
  • Massage your feet – Just before bed take a few tablespoons of oil and spend several minutes massaging your feet. Squeeze and roll each toe. Use your thumbs to move up through the center of your foot. Try to move around some of the bones in the feet, and spend some extra time on dry heels. Massaging your feet is great for increasing circulation, calming your nerves, softening your skin, and may even help you sleep better (and who doesn’t want that?). Bonus points for sharing this with your sweetie and/or kids before bed.
  • Move those piggies – If you’ve ever seen anyone walk as if their feet were giant immobile blocks, you can imagine how important foot function is to your overall health. What’s happening in your feet will eventually affect your knees, hips, back, and so on. There are some great resources (Katy Bowman’s book Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief and LiberatedBody.com are two of my favorites) for specific exercises and suggestions for foot pain relief.

With some regular care and attention your feet will be ready to propel you towards your vision for 2015 (and hopefully for many, many years to come).


For over 15 years, Dana has turned to her yoga practice in times of joy, despair, boredom, wonder, and hope. She began teaching in 2004 hoping to help others understand, appreciate, and experience their bodies in any physical condition and any emotional state. Dana spent over a decade practicing and teaching Anusara® yoga and its emphasis on the connection between body, mind, and heart continues to influence her current perspective. Her own experience with injury and healing has inspired her deep and endless exploration of anatomy. Her classes offer a refined balance of focus and space.

She is one of the founders and owners of Twisted Trunk Yoga in Soho, New York. As a life-long student, she draws upon the wisdom generously offered by the many teachers she has learned from especially John Friend, Douglas Brooks, Gil Hedley, Amy Matthews, and Brenda Villa.

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