Terra's KitchenFriends have cooked me meals from food delivery services before and I was consistently impressed with how it tasted but never thought it was made for me. Who me? I KNOW how to cook why would I NEED a food delivery service? I KNOW how to grocery shop like a beast! I KNOW seasoning, knife skills, flavor profiles, blah blah blah. BUT, you know what I forget? I NEED help sometimes. I’m terrible at asking for this one thing in life….help.

So when @terraskitchen little cute fridge/shipping container (so smart and no waste) showed up at my apartment? I was giggling, ugly, out loud giggles. Someone was helping me without me having to ask!!! (Mom swoon) And as we opened this cute little box of goodies i also realized this was the perfect opportunity to cook with my 8 year old daughter. Everything you need is ready for prep and kids loooooooooove the instant gratification of it all. Easy, quick, there’s a picture and of course as a designer… I want to make it look better than the picture (personal nerd stuff).

I put my ego aside and deeply enjoyed the ease, the freshness, the process (fun) and most importantly, it was delicious. I’m a changed woman, I love the help and surprise with my menu and in the kitchen. Bravo @terraskitchen! A healthy, paleo friendly food delivery service that is changing how we cook. They even gave me a promo code: GENEVIEVE30.