Ariel wrote: I live in an 130 year old Victorian house that needs a new kitchen. I want white high-gloss flat-faced cabinets, white marble counters, and industrial accents to contrast with the huge amount of wood trim, but everyone thinks I’m crazy to do such clean modern cabinets in such an old house. Your thoughts?

I think you’re right on. Nobody wants to cook in an antique kitchen, why? Because they don’t function nearly as well as present day kitchens.

Remind your friends that you are not living in a period piece and go for it.

My home is 1856 and I have flat front, Italian, contemporary cabinets.

What did I do to make it work visually in a historic home? I added details to balance the linear geometry of the boxy cabinetry.

A rolling ladder, brass rails, and vintage Bauhaus drawers with curved handles. See pictures:

kitchen-2 kitchen-1